Welcome to Suzumaru Homepage

We serve the freshest sushi, Kappo (Kyoto Cuisine), and other types of Japanese Cuisine. Our chef has forty years of training in Kyoto where he not only mastered techniques, but also developed his creativity in innovating his own recipe and presentation.

The most unique feature about our restaurant is that we receive fresh fish straight from the chef's hometown, Shimizu, in Japan, which allows to keep our dishes at a low price. The dishes include fresh, rare seafood that are hard to find in the United States. Such dishes are listed below in the suggested menu. We serve all customers fresh dishes with original presentation especially for the Kappo dishes.

As you may already know, sushi and most seafood are very healthy. It is because they are low in calories, low in cholesterol, high in minerals and also contain other natural nutrients. Becoming health conscious these days, business people and families enjoy healthy lunch and dinner everyday at a low price at Suzumaru. With plenty of tables and seats at the sushi counter, we would love to serve you fresh, healthy, and unique dishes that are rare to experience!